Some Kind Words...

"Yesterday I had a Healing Session with Jennifer. As someone who has suffered with anxiety my entire life, I will admit I was a little nervous. As I stepped through the the treatment room door all anxiety fell away. The energy in that room was so warm, embracing and palpable. I felt tingles throughout my body, and could feel energy moving and leaving my body. I released a lot of pent up anger and emotion. It was a beautiful experience as the emotions were released. Jennifer is a very gifted healer, very powerful, and she instinctively knew where to go to on my body to locate stored energy, and through instinct and relationship with her Guides and Spirit, knew exactly what to do. I loved the whole experience and will definitely return again for more healing...without hesitation, and without any nervousness next time." C.W.

"I've been seeing Jenn since late last year and ever since, my inner and outer selves have grown together in harmony. Just recently I underwent a soul retrieval with Jenn and it was, and still shows to be, one of the craziest experiences of my life so far. She brought back pieces of me that were hiding away in deep places. Pieces of me that I didn't realize were so crucial to possess in my present life now. What was REALLY EXCITING, and probably one of the most life altering parts, was when she traveled back into one of my past lives. I'm not going to go into detail since it is personal to me, but if you haven't seen Jenn yet, you NEED to make an appointment with her. You will NOT be disappointed. Love you Jenn!" K.T.

"Saturday's Heart Healing retreat was so powerful. Just what this soul needed. Jenn, you are such a warm and caring facilitator and made me feel at peace with myself. As an empath and lightworker it is a true gift when you can come into a space and feel at home. So thank you for creating a space where I could feel my truth. You definitely made it hard to leave. Much love and light from me to you sista!!"  C.M.

"I recently went to Jenn's Heart Healing workshop and I absolutely loved it. There is something to be said about being with a tribe of women, even if you don't know them. The love and support that pours out of a group of like-minded people is wonderful. Jenn is a wonderful teacher who not only teaches you things you haven't thought of yet but also shares personal stories that show how real she is. She makes you feel relaxed and taken care of in the moment. This is the third workshop I have participated in of Jenn's and she is an amazing, kindhearted person that really makes you feel at home......Jenn will always be one of my tribe members for the rest of time. I would recommend her workshops and healing sessions to anyone who is ready to do the work. "  S.K.






"I believe that in the presence of love, there are doorways that open for healing. Healing is always possible.

What I offer is an all-inclusive space of love to empower you through shamanic ceremony and healing sessions, channeled energy healing and alchemy sessions, conversation and divination, workshops, classes, private teaching sessions or all of the above.

 Sessions are intuitively guided and facilitated to assist you in regaining your lost power, reclaiming your energetic, spiritual, mental and physical well-being and embracing a budding or expanded awareness of your powerful self.

I offer support and guidance to those who feel it is time to explore their inner landscapes, to those feeling overwhelmed by life, and for those who feel great sensitivity and are seeking to find balance and understanding in their lives.

I work with Shamanic Medicine, Energy Alchemy, the Munay-ki, (shamanic initiatory rites of the Q'ero shamans of Peru) and Reiki. I am also a Starseed Channel. 

I look forward to connecting with you to facilitate your return to balance. It would be my honour to take this walk with you.


Jennifer Demarest, Spirit Raven

Please email for inquiries and appointments. 


~ Certified Shamanic Practitioner 

1 year apprenticeship and training with Daniel Leonard, Dancing Bear, of The Medicine Circle

*Currently in an additional 2 year Advanced Studies apprenticeship and training with Daniel Leonard, Dancing Bear, of The Medicine Circle.

~ Teacher of the Munay-ki Rites

 ~The 9 Rites of the Munay-ki Initiate

~Reiki II

~EFT Certificate of Completion

~Certified Realm Reader

~Divine Conduit for Guides and Angels Certification

~Order of Melchizedek High Priestess Initiate


Jenn Demarest works as a shamanic practitioner, energy healer and spiritual guide. These services complement those provided by a licensed health care provider. She is not licensed to practice medicine or psychology nor does she provide diagnostic services. Her services are intended to assist you with your spirit and soul journey and are not intended as a substitute for licensed medical or psychological treatment.